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Our Mission and Partnerships

The mission of I Thirst International is to bring the blessing of clean water to the suffering primarily through water filtration, pump repair, and well drilling. David and Cynthia Pearson, founders of I Thirst, grew up in neighboring Central American countries where they saw first hand the need for clean water. After they married, David worked with other non-profit water organizations before starting I Thirst in 2009. Cynthia has training in hygiene and sanitation. Together they deliver water filters and train teams in developing nations.

January-March 2016: Seven Nations & Seven Water Projects Adventure

We invite you to share some highlights of our journey to seven nations that took place during the first three months of 2016. Visit our blog to see photos and read about our adventure.

2016 6 Nation Water Project Adventure

Sango Bay Refugee Camp

Sango Bay is no more. All 4,000 people were relocated to government land where water is scarce. The commander in charge of Camp Kazinga is an effective leader who wants to help the people help themselves. They are willing to help with the labor of getting clean water. We can provide wells, spring boxes, and rain catchment systems. Would you like to make a difference in these lives?

Children getting water from unclean water source in refugee camp in Uganda

Emergency Response


NepalThe 7.9 earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015, devastated the region. I Thirst went to Nepal with 1,025 water filters in May 2015. Our goal was to bring 400 filters which would provide clean water for 8,000 people. Due to your generous donations, we were able to help so many more people! These Sawyer filters are not only helping with the immediate need, but will continue to provide a long-term solution for 10 years or more. Read more about the impact that was made in Nepal.

"Give water, Give life"

Sawyer Filter Promotion 2016

Water Facts

783 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water, roughly 11% of the world’s population.

Around 700,000 children die every year from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. Almost 2,000 children per day.

At any one time, half of the developing world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from diarrhea.

Sawyer Water Filters

To provide clean water to families in need, we have found an excellent solution - Sawyer water filters. These filters are portable, inexpensive, long-lasting, and remove all harmful bacteria. Using dialysis technology, their proprietary filter was designed to remove harmful bacteria and contaminants. The filter uses gravity and can be attached to any bucket or bag. The extremely fast flow rate and compact size allows individuals to filter water in their own homes as they need it, eliminating the need for a large water storage system as well. The filter is easily cleaned with a backwash syringe.