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Emergency Response Water Projects
I Thirst International Emergency Response

Lack of clean water during natural disasters is the first problem relief agencies deal with. You can survive without food for over 40 days, but you can only live 3 days without water. Emergency response is critical to survival.

Haiti Emergency Response

Thank you to all who gave so generously to help victims of hurricane Matthew in Haiti. In partnership with Impact Nations, we were able to send 255 water filters to the disaster zone which will help to prevent thousands from the dangers of cholera. If you would like to give further to this effort, please go to www.impactnations.org and donate there.

Haiti's flooding after Hurricane Matthew  Aerial View of Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Nepal Emergency Response

The 7.9 earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015, has devastated the region. Already, 44,000 children were dying annually from a lack of clean water and now the water situation is even more dire as sources are contaminated or ruined by the quake.

Earthquake in Nepal

I Thirst went to Nepal with 1,025 water filters in May 2015. Our goal was to bring 400 filters which would provide clean water for 8,000 people. Due to your generous donations, we were able to help so many more people! These Sawyer filters are not only helping with the immediate need, but will continue to provide a long-term solution for 10 years or more.

Read more about the impact that was made in Nepal.

Philippine Emergency Response

November 2013: Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda devastated the Philippine Islands. We partnered with Ugandan Water Project and Impact Nations to bring over 1000 Sawyer Point One water filters in order to provide clean water to the survivors. The amazing thing is that this is not just temporary relief; the filter lasts up to 1 million gallons making the impact significant.

Responding to Natural Disasters
"Give water, Give life"

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