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Haiti (North America)

The area around St. Marc is in desperate need of clean water. The rivers which are clean at their source become polluted the farther downstream they go.

Gracette, Haiti has been the cradle of the cholera outbreak in the past couple of years. The lack of proper latrines caused the propagation of gastro intestinal diseases, such as worms, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, etc. Sickness is always on everyone’s mind in the villages. Cholera is the curse that everyone is afraid of getting because it does not forgive. It kills.

There are two main problems: lack of access to clean water and lack of education. The canal’s water is used for everything: bathing, drinking, for laundry and for agriculture. The animals share the water with the people. The larger canal is less contaminated than the smaller canal, but the people, not knowing the dangers, don’t bother traveling the extra distance to the larger canal; instead they use the irrigation canals that are closer to the houses.

The resulting water-related illnesses are devastating.

In February 2015, we traveled to Haiti with 275 water filters for the Artobonite Valley area of Gracette. Our partner, Deudonne, is very experienced with community development in different parts of the world. She handpicked the team we trained and worked with to distribute the filters over the next couple of months. In the few days we worked together, 60 filters were distributed around the Gracette area. This valley is known as the breadbasket of Haiti with its fertile rice and vegetable fields. Water is plentiful, but as we stated earlier, contaminated with disease and parasites.

As we go house to house sharing the love of Jesus in a simple gift of clean water, we ask the people to share it with their neighbors. As it's been freely given, their part is to freely share which almost all are willing to do. Over 300 filters in this area of 5000 people will make clean water accessible to all.

Good Report from Haiti

After giving anti-parasite medicine, hygiene instruction, and filter tips at Heather’s Home Orphanage, we prayed and sang with the special children and staff. We left feeling more blessed in the love we received. One month later we heard that they were all healthy. A team from NY went for two weeks and for the first time no one got sick. If you would like to help put food on the table at Heather’s Home, please visit the Heather's Home web site.

Heather's Home in Haiti
"Give water, Give life"

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