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Water Projects
I Thirst International Water Projects

Current Project

Uganda (Africa)
The need for clean water in Uganda is great. Most of Uganda has access to water via ground springs or rainfall, but sadly most of it is contaminated. We have been working in Uganda since 2012, partnering with Impact Nations and the Ugandan Water Project, to bring clean water to these hard working people.

Camp Kazinga Refugee Camp
Four thousand people were recently relocated from Sango Bay to government land called Camp Kazinga. The commander in charge is an effective leader who is helping the people help themselves. Because of generous givers like you, we have been able to provide a well, spring boxes, rain catchment systems and 300 filters. Thank you for your generous support.

Treasured Kids School Project
Three hundred and fifty students are excited to get access to clean drinking water at their school in a Kampala slum called Kosovo. The third-graders at Cohen elementary in Elmira Heights, NY, have taken on this project halfway around the world from themselves. Why? Because they were learning about water in Science and Africa in geography and when you put the two together, you realize some people get sick and die because they don't have clean water sources.

"Your gifts are changing lives."

Completed Projects

Cambodia (Africa)
In January 2015 we had the opportunity to work in the slums of Phnom Penh and 3 other villages distributing water filters.

Haiti (North America)
Partnering with Impact Nations has brought clean water to thousands.

Honduras (Central America)
We discovered the wonderful little Sawyer PointONE™ filter at a Rotary Club Water Fair in Tegucigalpa. We installed our first water filters at a school in La Esperanza with World Vision.

India (Asia)
Due to ground water contamination and pollution, India's water sources are far from clean. Their industries are growing at a rapid pace but lack the laws and restraints to properly dispose of waste. In the Chandigarh slums and the Punjabi region, we distributed water filters to help combat waterborne diseases.

Kenya (Africa)
Since 2012, a womens' prison in Nairobi has had access to clean water. The mortality rate among the children living with their mothers in prison was a whopping 50%. Many of those incarcerated serve years for petty crimes such as failing to obtain a permit to sell goods to support their families. In 2014 we received the report that NO children have died since the filter was installed.

Kitongo, Uganda (Africa)
Rural Uganda has little running water with most water sources being small ponds from a spring or ground run-off. It is hard to find a working well pump since most are broken and missing parts. The good news is there is normally not a shortage of water because it is a lush, green country with plenty of rainfall. The key is getting it to be safely drinkable.

In the village of Kitongo we delivered a water filter to the Muslim Imam. Thrilled with the gift of clean water, he said in good English after he took a drink, "It's pure, it's clean, it's good!"

Nicaragua (Central America)
One hundred Sawyer PointONE™ water filters are providing access to clean water around the city of Chinandega.

Philippines (South-east Asia / Pacific Islands)
March 2016: David and Cynthia worked with pastors on the island of Samar, distributing 100 water filters to areas in need. Roughly 40% of their income is spent on clean water in an impoverished area where they are struggling to put food on the table. The Sawyer filters protect families from typhoid outbreaks and give them a financial boost.

"Give water, Give life"
Kalonga Uganda Water Source

Kalonga, Uganda


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