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Kalonga Uganda Water Project
I Thirst International Water Projects

Uganda (Africa)

September 2016 Update

Four thousand people were recently relocated from Sango Bay to government land called Camp Kazinga. The commander in charge is an effective leader who is helping the people help themselves. Because of generous givers like you, we have been able to provide a well, spring boxes, rain catchment systems and 300 filters. Thank you for your generous support.

When David arrived in July, he expected to find a chaotic situation because of the recent move. Instead he was surprised by the organization of the people and the pleasant atmosphere of the camp in spite of the dire water and hygiene conditions. The people were walking a long way down a mountain for very dirty water which was also scarce. They happily received the filters we had brought while David begin making immediate plans for improvement of the water and hygiene conditions.

Rain catchment tanks were set up within a week, and spring boxes were dug shortly after. Most recently, a well is in the process of being completed and the camp now has access to abundant water sources.

New latrines have also been dug and tarps provided for protection from the rain since the rainy season has begun.

Good Report from Kalonga, Uganda

Kalonga is a community of 20,000 - 30,000 people whose only water source is an open hole in the ground. (No census has ever been taken, and since the video on the side bar was created, we have realized this village is much larger and spread out than first thought.) This hole is filled with extremely filthy water that is also used by the animals. We are partnering with Impact Nations to bring 600 Sawyer PointONE™ water filters to this community.

Update from Kalonga: September 2013 - Kalonga is undergoing a Community Transformation. In September 2013, two local teams were trained to distribute Sawyer filters and teach hygiene. These teams are working daily to get clean water to more families who are sharing the free filter with their neighbors.

Two water filters at the school in Kalonga are being used to capacity. Everyday, water is filtered for the children at the school. It is brought from the muddy waterhole the evening before so that the dirt has time to settle and then filtered the following day. The health of the children is so improved that school absences relating to illness have decreased by 75%.

Impact Nations is helping in many ways by providing farm land to grow crops and raise animals along with starting small businesses. The change in this community is evident by the hope we see and feel. Please join us in being a part by donating or joining us on a Journey of Compassion.

Update from Kalonga: February 2015 - We are excited to report there is no longer a mudhole as the main source of water on the east side of Kalonga. A beautiful spring box was created eliminating the muddy water that was a source of sickness for the community.

Spring Box for water in Kalonga, Uganda

In addition to the clear water, there are more benefits to this good news. Mosquitoes carrying malaria no longer have a breeding ground. The people are able to wear white clothing since they have clean water for laundering. Community transformation is happening in Kalanga. When the kingdom of God comes, it changes every aspect of life including water sources.

Typhoid is no longer a problem since Victor Hannington's family
has a Sawyer Point One water filter.

"Give water, Give life"

Sawyer Filter Promotion 2016

Clean Water for Uganda

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